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Laughing during a Lecture

PERRY Comedy

Humor and Health Intervention

Comedy for Mental Wellness Workshop 

Arts in Medicine Outreach


Programs created by David Edward Perry

Based out of Beautiful Birmingham, Alabama

Comedy Workshops and Programs

PERRY Comedy teaches creativity and humor as pathways to wellness and a better life.

Our offerings decrease depression and increases confidence and self-esteem.

Target audiences include healthcare professionals, corporations, students, and educators.

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Comedy for Mental
Wellness Workshop


- Fall of 2024 -

Our workshop is a creative hybrid experience that teaches how the comedic mind is a storytelling tool for mental wellness. Attendees will learn techniques to tap into their sense of humor as an accessible resource, bridging the gap from chaos to calm.

Get ready to dive into the fascinating world of creativity.

Our lectures explore how comedy is cultivated, and how it shapes cultural and social identities. It will be a journey full of insights and discoveries that will leave you laughing and thinking.

We will soon be scheduling our comedy formats in devised theater to tackle pressing issues for youth in our community. We will be offering three programs focusing on specific initiatives: increasing childhood literacy, preventing teenage bullying, and curbing distracted driving.

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