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What is PERRY?

PERRY is a live sketch comedy show performed in the heart of downtown Birmingham, Alabama. Written and directed by NAACP Theater Award nominee David Edward Perry. PERRY is unpredictable, creative and smart. You will find structure similar to the vaudevillian comedy found on Saturday Night Live and Monty Python.

PERRY: 30 Min Sketch Comedy is a fresh, unpredictable and smart comedy show with a diverse and talented cast of Birmingham from all walks of life, ages and genders. 

The Lyric, Alabama and Carver Theatres each were launch pads for vaudeville back in their heyday. With the resurgence of activity and energy in downtown Birmingham, PERRY is perfectly in sync with returning the vibrant spirit of vaudeville to 3rd Ave N.

Sketch comedy is a long overdue addition to the already fantastic comedy scene in Birmingham.

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