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Teaching Lectures

Lectures are formatted for 2 hours or a one day intensive conference

Workshops are customized  for

Students - Educators - Health Care Professionals - Corporate Team Building

For rates please email us with your specifics

Cultivating your

Image by Erik Mclean

Devised Theatre

Reiki Therapy

The Healing Power
of Illness Narratives

Gather all your imagination for this lecture. We'll put them together through creative modules designed to grow your curiosity. You will leave with a stronger drive to be creative, an openness to learning new things, and enjoy making something of your own.

Are you passionate about an idea or subject? With this lecture, you can create fantastic devised theater. You'll bring your creative vision to life, combining theatre, film, design, music, art, and technology. This intensive program encourages original and adapted works.

This lecture dives into narratives about illness and healing from patients, physicians, and caregivers. By studying various forms of storytelling, such as fiction, memoirs, films, essays, and graphic novels, we explore how these stories give meaning and care. Our writing exercises are given to guide you in writing your own story .

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